Dr. Sandra Varley

Living Water Soul Care

Prayer Partnering

If you need extra support for your prayer life, we're here to meet with you, to pray with you, or to pray for you.

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

At Living Water, we offer three different pathways to wellness. Any of these may be most helpful to different people at different times.

Spiritual Companioning

My training and education in Spiritual Direction is grounded in the early Christian Contemplative tradition which began with the Desert Fathers and Mothers a few centuries after Christ walked among us.

Living Water Soul Care Mission statement:

To create space for deep listening for the presence of the Sacred within each of us, within others, and at work in our lives

To foster Compassion in the world through awareness of our shared humanity

To celebrate and participate in the miracle of God’s work of love throughout all of creation

We do this through one on one spiritual, companioning, our leadership network, retreats, prayer, and other gatherings

Coping With Loss During the Holidays

Yesterday when I turned on the radio in my car, I was greeted by non-stop Christmas music on every one of my favorite stations!  Ready or not, it appears the Christmas season is upon us.  The approaching Holidays hold excitement and joy for many; however, for those who have experienced

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